Special Offer

Special Offer

Our service starts at only $29 per month. If you could save several hundred dollars a year to spend on you other office or personal needs, would not you? Well here is a way with this special offer now. The possibilities to use the saved dollars are endless and they start with contacting us.

Subject: Limited Time: FREE Websites for Chiropractors

Email: Support@ChiroWeb.US
Phone: 877-584-5524
Fax:     866-886-5524

Dear Colleague:

As you may have heard previously ChiroWeb.US just released our NextGen™ website series. To promote this new series we offering the web design for FREE. We will host it for a small monthly fee, there are no contracts and no setup fees.

You must respond now to take advantage of this FREE offer. We can offer this FREE service for the first 100 Chiropractors who contact us through our website www.ChiroWeb.US or by responding to this email. You can also chat with us through our online iLiveSupport™ system. But we must hear from you now for this FREE offer.

We have been providing state-of-the-art websites and web portals to market Chiropractors services since 2005. These services include websites that include basic features such as:

  1. FREE or affordable      website design
  2. Information about      the doctor and their staff, including Bios and Pictures
  3. Office pictures,      office schedule and directions to the office
  4. Youtube videos of      the doctor, office and staff
  5. Interactive patient      education flash movies
  6. SEO to ensure the      Chiropractic office is found on Google Search
  7. Online patient      contact forms and patient enrollment forms
  8. A number of email      accounts

Advanced features have included:

  1. Special offers to      patients page
  2. Patient resource      center to educate patients about chiropractic
  3. Monthly website      updates on request by the doctor’s office
  4. Media integration      for Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  5. Doctor Blog page
  6. Monthly      e-Newsletter service and Email collection software
  7. On demand      e-Newsletters software for special event announcements via our eGroups      System
  8. Live On-line      patient interaction and appointment service via our iLiveSupport System
  9. Online seminars and      event registration using our myVillage Event Registration System
  10. Web based and      online Patient Appointment Service using our NeuSchedule System


Email: Support@ChiroWeb.US
Phone: 877-584-5524
Fax:     866-886-5524