1. Are Chiroweb services  offered to every one or only to Chiropractors? 
    Chiroweb is especially designed to offer Chiroweb services to Chiropractors, these services can be extended to other healthcare providers and owners of business based on  approval by Chiroweb employees. Please contact support@chiroweb.us to qualify.
  2. Can healthcare provider make changes to their website?
    Yes, we provide a complete service; simply email us the changes you would like and our experienced web designers will take care of them for you within 24 hours, we can also make these changes right away if you ask us to do so.
  3. Is healthcare provider able to upload images of their office and staff?
  4. How about directions to the office on the website?
    We include a script that automatically opens up a map to give office map and directions to the office.
  5. Is the website limited to certain number of pages?
    The website consists of dozens of pages. The pages are divided into two sections, the healthcare provider  pages and chiroweb pages. One of the most powerful features of he website is the chiroweb pages. These consist of a number of  dynamic pages, that are constantly improved to provide new features. 
  6. What is Point of Sale Terminal offered by Chiroweb?
    We provide an online point of sale terminal. This works similar to the mechanical Point of Sale Terminal some doctors have in their, except that our terminal is FREE, has no monthly fee. You pay a small fee per transaction for using this terminal. This terminal has many features, such as central reporting for different office and automatic receipts for patients. For  more details contact us.
  7. How do chiroweb Call Center services work?
    Our call center employees call patients to make sure they keep their appointments with the doctor. Daily appointments are then sent to the doctor via email or web. All for a small per patient fee.
  8. Do you offer E-marking  tools and PRM (Patient Relationship Management) tools?
    Yes, let us demonstrate to you how, all  these tools are on line and very effective to optimize patient visits.